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Bailey Environmental Services has been in business since 1997. Scott Bailey received his Masters in Environmental Engineering from the college of Civil Engineering at University of New Hampshire in 1996 and his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from University of Vermont in 1982.  Started Bailey Environmental Systems as a side business while working for the Department of Defense. Bailey's dedication to family coupled with the growth of BES, caused him to retired early from the Government in 2010 after 28 years of service.

BES has designed and installed septic systems from the Seacoast to the White Mtns. specializing in lakefront and island properties as protecting the lakes is very important. The lakes have become very crowded over the years with more people moving to our beautiful state. "Camps", becoming year round houses, require updated septic systems to accommodate the increased demands and increased environmental requirements. Many of these lots are tight on space requiring alternative disposal and pre-treatment technologies to treat the waste. BES enjoys the challenges associated with these lots and takes pride in working with the customers wishes, lot constraints and environmental regulations to provide a solution that works best for all.


Bailey Environmental Services

Our Services Include

Septic Design & Install- Replacements

 Test Pits  // Waterfront Site Assessment

Shoreland Permitting // Dock Permits // Small Excavating Projects

Septic Design & Install
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